Managed by Teachers

Tutorbees is unique in that it is founded by and run by teachers. Both founders began their careers in K-12 teaching, and both have active California State Teaching Credentials. This means that we understand the needs of students, and we have a background in state standards, testing, and the Common Core. We don’t just operate Tutorbees like a business, we operate from the standpoint of educators. So, we will not cut corners on quality and service. As teachers, we will only hire qualified staff, who receive support and ongoing training; ultimately, we only want for students what we would want for our own children.

Qualified Tutors

Because Tutorbees is run by teachers, we believe strongly that tutors must have the expertise needed to support others. We have degrees and credentials, so our tutors will have either degrees, credentials, or other evidence of competence in the areas they will tutor. All tutors go through a rigorous screening process to ensure that they are qualified, including a paper screening, phone interview, in-person interview and tutor simulations. We require evidence in terms of ability, including transcripts and references. Once a tutor is hired, there is ongoing supervision and professional development to ensure that they continue to be excellent service providers to our clients.

Competitive Pricing

Tutorbees operates from a standpoint of ethics and quality: We will charge our clients a fair price for quality services. There will be no surprises or add-on fees to our services; what we tell you is what you will be charged. We charge starting $49 per hour for online sessions. A detailed breakdown of the prices can be found here. Because Tutorbees is run by teachers, we also recognize the importance of consistency in tutoring students; therefore, we will even offer reduced rates to small groups who choose to set up a regular tutoring schedule. Finally, if you are not satisfied with one of our sessions, we will not charge you for it. It’s that simple: we are committed to providing you high-quality service, or you won’t pay for it.

Convenient Locations

One of the reasons that Tutorbees can offer fair and competitive prices for services is our flexible and convenient locations. We won’t ask you to sit in traffic and balance sports and activities to get to one of our centers. Our tutors will come to your home for the tutoring session, meet you at a public library or find some other location of your choice. We also provide online tutoring for clients who prefer this mode of learning. Our goal is to make the process easy and convenient for students to receive the help that they need.

Background Checks

All California teachers, including the founders of Tutorbees, must receive a thorough background check before working with students and clients. We recognize that parents want only safe and reliable tutors working with their children – we want the same for our own children! Therefore, all tutors go through a rigorous screening process, interviews, reference checks and yes, background checks before they work with our clients. We also follow up with clients to ask about their experiences with our tutors so that we can retain only top-notch staff members.

Flexible Schedules

Students come in all shapes and sizes: Some are traditional K-12 students who need tutoring on weekends, afternoons and evenings, while others are homeschooled. Some students may be adults who have certain goals such as learning English as a second language or passing a citizenship test. We are here to help you with your goals, and we have tutors who are available at all times and days to accommodate your needs. We even offer convenient online tutoring sessions that can include video or call-in features to make learning flexible and easy.