Eli demonstrates mastery in key areas of classroom instruction. He has clear expectations for student behavior and procedures to reinforce those expectations. Eli is always well planned with measurable objectives and a variety of instructional strategies. He has established the Math Club and the SAT Prep Club on our campus. Eli interacts with stakeholders in a clear and professional manner, and he possesses the integrity to have a real impact impact on others. Most importantly, Eli’s students learn. I would request him as an instructor for my own children.

Jeff P.
(Assistant Superintendent, Lodi Unified School District)

…In my ten years as an administrator, I have never seen a teacher reach out to this extent and to make sure a student had all the information to learn and complete assignments but also document every attempt to communicate with the student and parent. I find him to be kind, generous, a good team member, very dedicated to his craft, and a strong advocate for all students.

Elliot S.
(Special Abilities Program Director)

Mr. Youhanna is an experienced teacher with a full array of instructional strategies and solid lesson planning techniques. He has easily assimilated to our community. I look forward to him becoming a curricular leader on campus.

D’Liese M