As a parent I am soooo very happy with Tutorbees! This company has come into my awareness at a time when my son really needed an excellent math tutor. We are a homeschooling family and my son has done super great learning math with our homeschool curricula.  However, with Algebra II, it became apparent that he needed a teacher. With us being in the middle of the school year I couldn’t enroll him in a class so I searched online and found Tutorbees.  My son is a very busy teenager who also works 5 days a week so we needed a tutor who could meet with at our convenience.  Tutorbees fit the bill perfectly.  Also, we needed help in figuring out a path for him to finish Algebra II and Eli, the founder and my son’s tutor, not only helped us clarify where needed to go but helped us to see that we could go even further with also including Trigonometry.

Eli is super personable and it is apparent that he cares about children.  One of the main reasons I wanted to use his services is because he is a licensed teacher.  His training and passion for math and learning are apparent as he works with my son who is enjoying the tutoring sessions and feeling clarified in his algebra.

Eli is also helping my son prepare for the ACT.  All of this is because my son has a desire to go to the Coast Guard Academy and so we needed help to make sure that he is strong in math and does well on the ACT.  Eli has gone out of his way to make sure he tailors his tutoring plan specifically to my son’s needs.

Since we have started working with him, I have such a peace of mind.  Plus his rates are absolutely reasonable and for the quality of tutoring that you will get means that you are getting a steal! At least that is how I feel!

If you are not yet sure if I recommend Tutorbees, then know that my answer is an absolute and resounding, “Yes!”  I am so deeply grateful to have found such a great company and tutor.  I live in Tennessee and Eli lives in CA!  I never imagined that I would find a tutor so far away but I am so glad I did.  Sign up to work with Tutorbees, today!  You will get the attention you need to succeed in your classes!

Tirra H.
(Homeschooling Parent)