I had the pleasure of working with Eli as his coach, colleague and friend. Eli has a passion for teaching that is indescribable. He enjoys every second of working with students. Also, he is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that students learn. Eli was an innovative member of our math team and experimented with the concept of a “Flipped Classroom.” He utilized technology as a tool for increasing student learning. I appreciated Eli’s willingness to explore how technology can enhance student engagement and knowledge. Furthermore, Eli has an amazing rapport with the students he serves. He amazed me every day with the manner in which he would interact with each student and how he would take an intense interest into every student’s lives. I highly recommend Eli as a math tutor or staff member. Content expertise and a huge heart make Eli an effective educator that I would recommend to help any math student.

Nanci H.
(Math Lead & Instructional Coach, Aspire Public Schools)