Eli demonstrates mastery in key areas of classroom instruction. He has clear expectations for student behavior and procedures to reinforce those expectations. Eli is always well planned with measurable objectives and a variety of instructional strategies. He has established the Math Club and the SAT Prep Club on our campus. Eli interacts with stakeholders in a clear and professional manner, and he possesses the integrity to have a real impact impact on others. Most importantly, Eli’s students learn. I would request him as an instructor for my own children.

Jeff P.
(Associate Superintendent, Aspire Public Schools)

I could not ask for a better team player and Algebra teacher for my special needs student. You are the one who accepted this student into a mainstreamed Algebra class without any hesitation or aide support. You wholeheartedly made it happen. You are the one who went over and beyond to help this student achieve success and in Algebra 1 and move forward to Geometry next year. This student’s IEP team is so grateful to have you on our team. A big thank you to you and all your efforts

Lori M.
(Special Education teacher)

…In my ten years as an administrator, I have never seen a teacher reach out to this extent and to make sure a student had all the information to learn and complete assignments but also document every attempt to communicate with the student and parent. I find him to be kind, generous, a good team member, very dedicated to his craft, and a strong advocate for all students.

Elliot S.
(Special Abilities Program Director)

Dear Mr. Youhanna, I wanted to personally write you a letter of gratitude for being such a good teacher to me my senior year. You are one of the nicest, most open-minded teachers I’ve had. You’ve always been helpful when I came to you with questions. When it came to teaching, you were very good at giving the students a clear understanding of the topic. Everything that we’ve been taught this year on Consumer Math is very important to know for our futures and you did a very good job in teaching us what to expect. Once again, thank you! Sincerely

Allie A.
:) class of 2016 (student)

Thank you for helping me grow to be a better student and person! You are the BEST math teacher I have ever had!

Sophia S.

I came into the program and into Dr. Aminy’s class expecting another mediocre experience with out-of-touch professors. Instead Dr. Aminy’s dynamic and enthusiastic style made the class a huge success. She is easily one of the best professors in the college and her Content Area Literacy class was a very important class for my area.

(from Rate my Professors)

She is AWESOME! I personally suck at writing papers but in this class, I feel like I did learn something! first A in English class. Put in as much as effort you can. Then you’ll get an A!

(from Rate my Professors)

Mr. Youhanna is an awesome teacher and especially an amazing person. He was the teacher of my least favorite subject but I was always excited to come to class and tutorial to say hi to him. He is caring and compassionate toward all his students and has a genuine interest in helping them. He’s my favorite 9th grade teacher.

(from Rate my Teachers)

I really enjoy being your student. You are very helpful, kind, understanding, and cool. I really appreciate you being nice to me and helping me during tutorial. You are one of my teachers I can trust and I know you will help me and care for me. Thank you for the award, it meant so much to me. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher!

Michael B.

Mr. Y, AP Calc was very at times but you made it much easier. Thank you for being an amazing teacher

Henry S.

Mr. Youhanna, thank you for never giving up on me even though I needed a lot of clarifications on math. You are an awesome teacher and I am very glad I got to meet you.

Angela C.

I had the pleasure of working with Eli as his coach, colleague and friend. Eli has a passion for teaching that is indescribable. He enjoys every second of working with students. Also, he is always willing to go above and beyond what is expected to ensure that students learn. Eli was an innovative member of our math team and experimented with the concept of a “Flipped Classroom.” He utilized technology as a tool for increasing student learning. I appreciated Eli’s willingness to explore how technology can enhance student engagement and knowledge. Furthermore, Eli has an amazing rapport with the students he serves. He amazed me every day with the manner in which he would interact with each student and how he would take an intense interest into every student’s lives. I highly recommend Eli as a math tutor or staff member. Content expertise and a huge heart make Eli an effective educator that I would recommend to help any math student.

Nanci H.
(Math Lead & Instructional Coach, Aspire Public Schools)