Tutorbees math tutors have degrees and credentials in their field which allows them to provide the highest-quality education to your child as possible. Since Tutorbees is run by teachers we understand what it takes to help your child not just succeed but to get ahead in their academic career. All of our tutors go through a rigorous screening process including several stages of interviews, and simulations that demonstrate their abilities.

In addition as all of us are teachers all tutors are required to pass a rigorous background check. We recognize that parents want only safe and reliable tutors working with their children – we want the same for our own children! This allows you to have peace of mind but also allows us to maintain our high standards.

Furthermore, our tutors have flexible schedules being available for those in the afternoons, evenings, or even on weekends. We pride ourselves in making the process as easy as possible on the students. Our flexibility though doesn’t come with a loss in quality, unlike other similar services.

We can help prep your child whether it’s for an upcoming test or they need assistance to study for tests such as the SAT or ACT. Tutorbees Math Tutors are dedicated to assisting your child in any way possible to help them succeed. As always we offer a free consultation to help you figure out what services your child needs. This allows us to build a plan to help them get ahead in their academic career.