At Tutorbees, we strive to offer the highest quality SAT test prep program possible. Our instructors have more than 30 years experience, and we want to leverage that experience into a higher SAT test score for you or your child. This program includes 4 REAL SAT Tests as well as pre-tests and practice SAT tests, so when test day arrives our students are prepared.

Our Ultimate SAT Summer Prep is being offered with a weekday program, beginning July 16th, and a weekend program, beginning July 12th.

Registration ends one day before each program, and seats are limited.

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1. We are educators and lifelong learners. I founded Tutorbees along with my wife, Marina, who holds a PhD in Education from UC Berkeley to help fill the education gap between home & school.

2. We understand test-prep: our 30+ years of combined teaching and coaching experience gives us an undeniable edge over other providers.

3. We are a family-owned tutoring company. We take pride in serving our community members.

4. We offer reasonable prices, based on our expertise and the rigor of the program.

5. Our program consists of an ideal student to teacher ratio, allowing for more one-on-one interactions with the instructors.

6. Classes are held in a convenient location in the heart of Irvine.

7. Our own son, a junior in high school, will be part of the program. After all, we want for your child exactly what we want for our own.